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Current Publications

HMS Vanguard at The Nile

By Eric Tushingham, John Morewood & Derek Hayes
Price £7.50
A Nelson Society Publication

To mark the bi-centenary of the Battle of the Nile, 1st. August 1798, which took place at Aboukir Bay off Egypt the Nelson Society has produced a detailed account of the action. The book includes a commentary on the events leading up to the battle, the battle itself and the aftermath and it’s significance to the Napoleonic War.
In this book we include a full Muster List of the crew of HMS Vanguard, Nelson’s flagship, together with personal histories of some of those men. On the 1st. August 1998 The Nelson Society launched the book at the Royal Naval Museum in Portsmouth Dockyard in the shadow of Nelson’s last and most famous flagship, HMS Victory.

Admiral Nelson and Joseph Haydn

By Otto Erich Deutsch
Price £15.00

Nelson’s Flagship at Copenhagen HMS Elephant – The men, the ship, the battle

By Eric Tushingham & Clifford Mansfield
Price £7.50

Nelson’s Overland Return in 1800

By Thomas Blumel
Price £4.50

Countdown to Victory

By Peter Goodwin
Keeper & Curator of HMS Victory
101 Questions and Answers about HMS Victory
Price £7.00

Admiral Lord Nelson & HMS Victory

A youngster’s publication by Peter Green
Topsail Group by Peter Green
Price £2.50

Nelsoniana 1805 – 1905

Edited by David Shannon
Price £4.50

The Battle of Copenhagen Roads

by Captain Finn Volke and “Invincible” 1765 – 1801

By Derek Hayes (Combined volume)
Price £4.50

Admiral Lord Nelson

A pamphlet by Rona Dickinson
Price £1.00

The Nelson Portraits

By Richard Walker
Price £44.00

Rum, Sodomy and the Lash

By Anthony Blackmore
Price £11.00

Nelson Commemorated in Glass Pictures

By L. P. Le Quesne
Price £26.85


Copies our still available of this guide book including postage for £5 within the uk, an indispensable guide to Nelson and his contemporaries in Bath. Please send cheque payable to the Nelson Society with A5 stamped addressed envelope to ;Louis Hodgkin, Mill Farm,Woolley, Bath ,BA18AP

By Louis Hodgkin

Price £5.00

Nelson and Bath is a practical guide, beyond Nelson’s visits early in his career. Bath was a second home to his family, his wife Frances established their first home. How Nelson’s victories were celebrated, plus details of nearly fifty contemporaries, who came or stayed in the City, gives a glimpse of the Navy in this bustling eighteenth century Spa. 60 pages 16b/w illustrations and a plan of the City.