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Pickle Night Dinner and Lecture


In commemoration of the journey of HMS PICKLE bearing the news from Trafalgar and that of Lord Horatio Nelson’s death, The Nelson Society is holding this year’s Pickle Night Dinner in the newly refurbished Below Decks Function room of The Royal Maritime Club Hotel,  based on ideas of being in the working areas of a navy ship – iron beams, portholes, and engine room features with comfortable seating space.  The evening will include a three course meal plus coffee/tea and port for the toasts and members and guests are requested to choose one of the main courses when sending their cheques for £32.50 per person.
The Menu:
Smoked Salmon with Salad Leaves and Citrus Dressing
Pot Mess Chicken – Traditional Chicken and hearty vegetables stew served with bread
Pot Mess Beef     – Tradional beef stew and hearty vegetables served with bread
Pot Mess Vegetables – Traditional pot mess suitable for vegetarians, served with bread.
Traditional Sherry Trifle topped with Double Cream
A selection of British and Continental Cheeses and Biscuits
We are extremely fortunate in our Speaker this year, Peter Goodwin, whose talk is entitled “Pickle in a Pickle: I have Urgent Dispatches: The Homebound Voyage of HM Schooner Pickle 1805” in the naval tradition, providing an overview from the seamanship ship handling perspective highlighting the physical work involved by the men both below deck and aloft through stormy and hazardous situations.  Peter will also discuss how the HMS Pickle hove to off Penzance and verbally passed on the news before leaving for Falmouth where Lt. Lapenotiere hove to and left the ship to convey the news to The Admiralty.  Since Peter Goodwin is extremely knowledgable on all matters Nelsonian, he will be available to answer any questions from his audience.
Accommodation is available at the Royal Maritime Club Hotel which is only a short walk from The Historic Naval Dockyard, and rooms can be booked at a discounted price by telephoning direct to the RMC Hotel: 02392 824231.
Dinner menu choices to be sent, together with a cheque made payable to THE NELSON SOCIETY and sent direct to Jeanette Ryder at:
4 Yardley Road
Hedge End
SO30 0H
12th November – Remembrance Day Service and Parade