HMS Invincible was a 74 gun, third rate ship of the line originally captured from the French in 1747.  She sank off Portsmouth on 1758.

An article on the planned excavation of HMS Invincible appeared in the Dispatch Volume 12, Part 12, Autumn 2017 and an update on the progress of the excavation subsequently was included in the Dispatch Volume 13, Part 3, Summer 2018.   The Society has contributed a grant of £2000 towards the cost of the excavation which is now half way through the three year project.

The project is important as the wreck is subject to degradation as shifting sands have exposed parts of the ship leaving it vulnerable to decay.   The excavation and recoveries are assisting in the understanding of the progression of the ship building and navy life in the period between the Mary Rose and HMS Victory.  More information can be found from the links below

Here is the link to the HMS Invincible website page on the project:

Individuals can donate to the project at this link: