The books listed below have come from Beryl Whipp a former long serving member of the Society.

Many of the books listed are second hand or indeed perhaps third hand with some in a very good condition, others only in a good/reasonable condition and a further group which are in poor condition.

Books are hardback unless otherwise stated. Cost; Hardback £5

Paperback £2

All proceeds to The Nelson Society

Books sold on a first come first served basis.

If any members are interested in purchasing one or more of the books at the above prices please contact Brian Gibbs. or telephone 01246 203924

1-Life of Nelson by Robert Southey, Publisher Frederick Warne & Co (early edition (1813 -1829?) – very poor condition

2-Life of Nelson by Robert Southey, Publisher Heron Books 1961 3-The Story Of Nelson by Harold F.B. Wheeler 1935
4-Trafalgar Napoleon’s Naval Waterloo by Rene Maine 1957
5- A Portrait of Lord Nelson by Oliver Warner 1958 – poor condition 6- Nelson by Carola Oman 1950

7- Nelson The Commander by Geoffrey Bennett 1872. Paperback (2 Copies) 8- Nelson by Terry Coleman 2002.Paperback
9- Eyewitness to Trafalgar by Thomas Huskisson RN.1995 Paperback
10- Nelson a biography by C.S. Forester1952 – poor condition

11-Trafalgar The Biography Of A Battle by Roy Adkins 2004
12- Nelson The Public and Private life of Horatio Viscount Nelson by G Lathom Browne 1999 13- Nelson by Roy Hattersley 1974 – poor condition
14-England’s Mistress by Kate Williams2006
15- The Pursuit of Victory by Roger Knight 2005

16- Trafalgar The Nelson Touch by David Howarth 1970 17- Nelson’s Purse by Martyn Downer 2005
18-Fighting Ships by David Davies.2002. Paperback 19- Trafalgar by Roy Adkins.2013. Paperback 20-Trafalgar by James Grant.2002. Paperback 21-Losing Nelson by Barry Unsworth 1999

22- Nelson The Sword Of Albion by John Sugden
23- Nelson And The Nile by Brian Lavery1998
24- Nelson’s Favourite HMS Agamemnon at War 1781-1809 by Anthony Deane1996
25- Nelson An Illustrated History by National Maritime Museum 1995
26- Nelson The Essential Hero by Ernie Bradford 1999. Paperback
27- England Expects by Dudley Pope 1998.Paperback
28- A Portrait of Lord Nelson by Oliver Warner1959
29- Trafalgar The Men, The Battle, The Storm by Tim Clayton & Phil Craig 2005. Paperback 30- How It Happened Trafalgar by Jon E. Lewis 2005. Paperback
31- Voices from the Battle Of Trafalgar by Peter Warwick 2006. Paperback
32- Nelson The Golden Orb by John Twells 1995. Paperback
33- Trafalgar by Oliver Warner 1959. Paperback- poor condition
34- Our Dearest Emma by Lozania Prole – poor condition
35-Famous Sea Battles by Donald Macintyre
36-The Trafalgar Companion by Alexander Stilwell 2005
37- The Trafalgar Captains by Colin White and The 1805 Club 2005. Paperback
38- Rum, Sodomy and The Lash by Anthony Blackmore 2002.Paperback
39- A Nelson Companion by C Maynard 2004
40- Life In Nelson’s Navy by Dudley Pope 1981 – poor condition
41-Nelson Navy & Nation by Quinton Colville & James Davey 2013
42- The Illustrated Companion To Nelson’s Navy by Nicholas Blake & Richard Lawrence 43- Nelson’s Flagship At Copenhagen HMS Elephant by The Nelson Society. Paperback 44- Nelson And The Age Of Fighting Sail by Oliver Warner 1969- poor condition

45- Naval Warfare In The Age Of Sail by Bernard Ireland 2000

46- The Campaign of Trafalgar 1803-1805 by Robert Gardiner 2001

47- Nelson against Napoleon by Robert Gardiner1997

48- Nelson’s Battles by Nicholas Tracy 2001

49-Trafalgar countdown to Battle by Alan Schom (Library Copy)

50- Horatio Nelson by Tom Pocock 1988

51- The Terror before Trafalgar by Tom Pocock 2002

52- Nelson by Christopher Hibbert 1994

53- The Nelson Boy by Pauline Hunter Blair 1999

54- Nelson’s Mediterranean Command by Denis Orde 1997

55- Nelson’s Way by Stephanie Jones & Jonathan Gosling 2005. Paperback

56- Britannia Rules by C. Northcote Parkinson 1994. Paperback

57- HMS Vanguard at the Nile by The Nelson Society. Paperback

58-the Trafalgar Companion by Mark Adkin 2005

59- Nelson The New Letters by Colin White 2005

60- The Great Gamble Nelson At Copenhagen by Dudley Pope 1988

61- Nelson A Personal History by Christopher Hibbert 1994

62- Nelson’s Battles by Nicholas Tracy 2008

63-Nelson’s Women by Tom Pocock 1999. Paperback

64- What’s left of Nelson by Leo Marriott. Paperback

65- Trafalgar The Nelson Touch by David Howarth 1972. Paperback -poor condition

66- Remember Nelson Campaign and Commemorative Medals by Thomas A. Hardy 2005. Paperback

67-The Death Of Lord Nelson by William Beatty M.D.1885. Paperback

68- Countdown to Victory by Peter Goodwin 2000. Paperback

69- The Little Book Of HMS Victory by Liam McCann2016. Paperback

70- Admiral Lord Nelson Extracts from The Life of Nelson by Robert Southey 1994. Paperback

71- Trafalgar 1805 Wooden Ships & Iron Men by William Robinson 1993. Paperback 72-The Life Of Nelson by Robert Southey1957

73- Nelson The Immortal memory by David Howarth & Stephen Howarth 1988 74- Horatio Nelson by Tom Pocock 1994. Paperback
75- Nelson Love & Fame by Edgar Vincent 2003
76- Nelson The Sword Of Albion by John Sugden 2012

77- Beloved Emma by Flora Fraser 1986

78- A Thorough Seaman The Ships’ Logs of Horatio Nelson’s Early Voyages by Pauline Hunter Blair 2000

79- The Age Of Nelson by David Lyon 1996
80- Nelson’s Navy by Philip Haythornthwaite & William Younghusband 1993. Paperback 81- Medicine Under Sail by Zachary B. Friedenberg 2002

Brian Gibbs
The Nelson Society 22nd May 2019