Reflections on the Jubilee by Jeanette Ryder
I only moved to Romsey last year and was so pleased to see Lord Nelson’s message represented by flags reading the inspiring message, England expects that every man will do his duty.
I found this so relevant as Nelson’s wish that every man would do his duty for England mirrors the promise which our Queen made when she was crowned Queen Elizabeth II, and she has continued to do her duty for the past 70 years.
There is a poster on the Town Hall stating that the flags represent possibly the most famous and patriotic message in our history.  Nelson’s hoist to the fleet prior to the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.  It was felt that it would be an appropriate tribute to our Queen, marking this historic Jubilee.  She certainly has done her duty!  She has very strong naval connections.  Her father, husband, two sons and daughter all served.  Romsey being the place of her honeymoon at the home of Admiral of the Fleet, Earl Mountbatten of Burma, one of the most significant naval officers in World War 2 being a further link.
I am so proud to be a resident of Romsey and to acknowledge the link between our brave Lord Nelson and our long serving Queen Elizabeth.
Jeanette Ryder
Regional Secretary Portsmouth & South