The Nelson Society National Maritime Museum Centre for Imperial & Maritime Studies Academic Bursary

  1. An award shall be made every other year in the sum of £1,000 to offer part support for one of the NMM’s research fellowships.
  2. The award shall be made in the discretion of the Committee of TNS, or such person or persons to whom the Committee may from time to time delegate the task (“the Selection Committee”).
  3. The NMM will examine applications for their research fellowships following their annual advertising round and select at least 6 applications for further joint scrutiny with the Selection Committee. The award shall be made to the person whom the Selection Committee consider best suited having fulfilled the following criteria:
    1. submitted a piece of written work demonstrating a proven ability to analyse and comment upon research material relating to the life and achievements of Admiral Lord Nelson, The Age of Sail and the Georgian Navy.
    2. submitted a proposal for further research into specified research material relating to the life and achievements of Admiral Lord Nelson, The Age of Sail and the Georgian Navy.
    3. Agreed in writing to abide by the terms of this award.
  4. The recipient of the award will within the 12 months following the making of the award complete the specified research and submit a written commentary thereon to TNS in addition to reports to NMM.
  5. The recipient of the award shall agree to
    1. publication, in their names, with the names of their supervisors where appropriate, of the work submitted with the application and the work undertaken pursuant to the grant of the award by TNS and/or the NMM, although no guarantee of publication is given by TNS or the NMM, and
    2. their submitted works, names and images being displayed on the websites of TNS and/or the NMM and to the use of their work, name and images for any publicity purposes, and
    3. credit TNS with the support for their work in any publication of their work making use of the subject of the research supported by the award.
  6. All texts and reports shall be submitted in typed form, and be made available by email or disc on request in Word or other readable format.
  7. TNS reserve the right not to hold a competition in any particular year, and to make no awards, in their complete discretion.
  8. TNS committee’s decision shall be final on any matter arising under these rules, and all entrants agree to abide by such decision.

The Nelson Society

Lord Nelson Youth Award 2013
..changing lives with an adventure of a lifetime

The Nelson Society has teamed up with The Disability Resource Centre:, The Marine Society, and The Sea Cadets to offer a young person (16-25 year old) an opportunity of a Jubilee Sailing Trust sailing holiday on a wonderful unique tall ship; indeed an adventure of a lifetime. These are the only two tall ships in the world designed and built to enable people of all physical abilities to sail side-by-side as equals; providing everyone the thrill and adventure of life with full participation regardless of your physical ability and previous sailing knowledge.

The Nelson Society Jubilee Sailing Trust Youth Award is part of the Society’s legacy from the 2005 bicentenary commemoration. It aims to encourage young people to engage with the sea and with Britain’s maritime heritage, in particular with the legacy of Nelson.

Award now open for entries

The  winner will receive an award  a berth (of up to £800) for a voyage on the Jubilee Sailing Trust vessel The Lord Nelson. The winner will also receive one year membership of the Nelson Society as part of the award. There will be 10 runners up who will each receive a year’s membership and a book prize.

The award is open to anyone aged 16 to 25 at date of entry, able-bodied and persons with a disability are eligible for entry but must be able to meet the Jubilee Sailing Trust criteria  for crewing on the tallship The Lord Nelson.  Details are available at

How can I apply?

Simply submit an essay, piece of creative writing, creative artwork, video, computer generated programme or image, on a subject relating to the life and achievements of Admiral Lord Nelson.

All entries must be original work of the person submitting them. Send all entries by 31st March, 2013  to Disability Resource Centre, The Marine Society, The Sea Cadets, or directly to The Nelson Society (Jeanette Ryder) either by emailing:  or posting to Jeanette Ryder, Rydal, 4 Yardley Road, Hedge End, Southampton, SO30 0HQ. All entries must be received by myself (Jeanette Ryder) by 31st March, 2013

Need more details?

Telephone: 01489 783961 or E-mail:

What an amazing journey. You too can be a part of recreating and reliving the traditional tall ship sailing and help keep it alive for generations ahead to cherish and enjoy our maritime legacy.