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Portrait of Nelson painted by the German artist F.G. Fuger.

Portrait of Nelson painted by the German artist F.G. Fuger.

He is wearing the Order of St. Ferdinand and of Merit, The Turkish Order of the Crescent, and the Order of the Bath. (Graphics courtesy of the Royal Naval Museum)

The Aim of the Society is…

To remember the most spectacular officer in the age of fighting ships-of-the-line, Horatio Nelson died at Trafalgar aged 47 years as his fleet defeated the combined ships of France and Spain.

He possessed special qualities.

“I have met with no character in any degree equal to his Lordship; his penetration is quick, judgement clear, wisdom great, and his decisions correct and decided; nor does he in company appear to bear any weight on his mind, so cheerful and pleasant that it is happiness to be about his hand.”
– Doctor John Scott, Private Secretary to Lord Nelson.

The Nelson Society is run by enthusiasts to promote interest in and appreciation of the character and life of Admiral Lord Nelson, it has no headquarters or administrative staff and conducts its activities through an elected committee of members.


Membership is open to everyone. Amongst our members are descendants of Nelson and those of all ranks who fought under his command but the majority of members are simply those interested in the exciting life and times of Nelson and his Band of Brothers. Membership allows unique opportunities to share information and promote understanding through research, social events and publications.

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Our Constitution

Our constitution is available here The Nelson Society Constitution

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