The Battle of Trafalgar  21st. October 1805

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The poop-deck of HMS Victory, noon, 21st October 1805

The poop-deck of HMS Victory, noon, 21st October 1805

The Captains And Their Ships

Thomas Hardy Victory
Charles Bullen Britannia
Thomas Fremantle Neptune
Richard Grindall Prince
William Hargood Belleisle
Francis Laforey Spartiate
Philip Durham Defiance
Israel Pellew Conqueror
James Morris Colossus
Henry Bayntun Leviathan
Edward Codrington Orion
Lieut. John Pilford Ajax ***
Robert Redmill Polyphemus
Edward Berry Agamemnon
Thomas Capel Phoebe *
William Prowse Sirius *
Edward Rotherham Royal Sovereign
Eliab Harvey Temeraire
John Conn Dreadnought
Charles Tyler Tonnant
Robert Moorsom Revenge
George Duff (D) Mars **
Charles Mansfield Minotaur
Richard King Achilles
George Hope Defence
John Cooke (D) Bellerophon
William Rutherford Swiftsure
Lieut. John Stockham Thunderer ***
Henry Digby Africa
Henry Blackwood Euryalus *
Thomas Dundas Naiad *

The Commanders

Vice Admiral Viscount Nelson of the Nile and Burnham Thorpe KB, RN.

Commander in Chief, Mediterranean Fleet

HMS Victory Captain Thomas Hardy

Vice Admiral Sir Cuthbert Collingwood KB, RN

Second in command, leading the Lee Column

HMS Royal Sovereign Captain Edward Rotherham

Rear Admiral the Earl of Northesk KB, RN

Third in Command, followed Nelson in the Weather Column

HMS Britannia Captain Charles Bullen

The Battle of Trafalgar

Fought on the 21st. October 1805, effectively ended the war at sea.

Lord Nelson died at about 4.30pm. by which time he knew that he had achieved the overwhelming victory that he had planned so carefully.  Nelson had left nothing to chance.  The two-column, right-angled attack worked exactly as he had intended by splitting the enemy fleet into smaller groups that immediately fell prey to the guns of the British fleet.