Nelson’s Life

nelsonFrom humble birth in a north Norfolk village, a parson’s son rose to the highest ranks in the Royal Navy and became a national hero in his own lifetime.

History is littered with the names of the right men who appeared on the scene at exactly the right moment to achieve great deeds and to write themselves into the culture, folk-lore and legends of their homeland. Horatio Nelson wrote such a place.

  • Chronology
  • Family Life
  • Captain William Locker
  • Antigua
  • Medicine Chest
  • Five Years on the Beach
  • Agamemnon and the Ça Ira – Battle
  • Unrest and Mutiny
  • Lady Hamilton
  • Tria Juncta in Uno (Three Cornered Relationship)
  • St. Vincent – Battle
  • Cadiz – Battle
  • Santa Cruz – Battle
  • Nile – Battle
  • Caracciolo
  • Copenhagen – Battle
  • Channel Fleet 1801
  • Boulogne – Battle
  • Nelsons Last Walk
  • Trafalgar – Battle
  • Admirals Ghost