The Battle Of The Nile

1st. August 1798

More Information is available in The Battle Of The Nile PDF

The French Flagship


The Captains and their Ships
Thomas Foley Goliath
James Saumarez Orion
Thomas Gould Audacious
Thomas Louis Minotaur
Henry Darby Bellerophon
Thomas Thompson Leander
Thomas Hardy Mutine ***
Benjamin Hallowell Swiftsure
Samuel Hood Zealous
Ralph Miller Theseus
Edward Berry Vanguard *
John Peyton Defence
George Westcott Majestic
Thomas Troubridge Culloden **
Alexander Ball Alexander
* Nelson’s flagship.** Culloden ran aground and did not take part in the action.

*** Mutine was a brig, too small for direct engagement.

The Commander

Rear Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson KB, RN.

Commanding a Squadron of the Mediterranean Fleet

HMS Vanguard Captain Edward Berry

The Battle of the Nile sent shockwaves through Europe. It was Nelson’s first demonstration that he would, given the chance, annihilate opposition rather than simply defeat it. He captured or destroyed eleven of the fifteen enemy ships. The Royal Navy suddenly realised that they had found in Nelson a tactician, a planner and, above all, a leader and opportunist against whom a single mistake was enough to guarantee defeat. He was created Baron Nelson of The Nile and Burnham Thorpe and became a national hero. Lord Nelson had claimed his place in history.

More Information is available in The Battle Of The Nile PDF